“Art. Photography. Vision… True expressions that speak of the soul unexplored” Sambhav Vora’s journey as a photographer is a summation of experiences far beyond his years. Based out of Mumbai he hails from a family where advertising photography has been a true legacy. Since the budding stages, he has been in the midst of this true expression of art. It has not only been the plinth of his imagination, but also helped him garner the skills that enable him to express himself.

His repertoire of works comprises of a spectrum of imagery that spans from advertising to fashion photography.

However, his one true vision is to develop a unique yet innovative technique of idea documentation through the form of photo essays.

Professionally, he believes that it is a strong client brief that enables him to push his own boundaries on an assignment. Vora’s strongest, most defining aspects are his inspirations and an unparalleled visual skill, creating images with finesse. He combines these sensibilities with his technical sophistication, may it be pre or post production to offer his clients the very best. He understands the minuteness of the subject and the final medias of promotion and hence, can deliver photography par excellence.

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